A New Book: Savage House

I want to introduce you to “SAVAGE HOUSE” my new novel, but first a brief statement.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s been a while and I owe everyone an apology for my absence. I am truly sorry for going dark, but unexpected circumstances forced me to take some much needed time for what was best for myself and those important in my life. I know I’m starting over from scratch and I hope to bring back my old followers as well a few new ones. As most know back in 2013, due to someone else’s negligence and through no fault of my own, I nearly died of carbon monoxide poisoning. I survived a high dose of carbon monoxide that my doctors and lawyers agreed was unheard of.

I am lucky to be alive! Needless to say, it has left me with some handicaps that I live with daily. I just have to work through things a little harder than I used to, but it is not the end of the world for me. Thank God for dogs!  It has been a long six and a half years and finally I am back. I’m legally limited from discussing too much regarding the accident, but just know that it has been a trial by fire to say the least. So with that being said, welcome back everyone and I hope to get to know many more fans in this new chapter of my life. For those ‘Savage fans’ that stuck with me and are finding your way back, thank you!

Introducing Savage House, a new book by Joshua MacLeod, with returning character B. A. Savage

SAVAGE HOUSE is now live and already I have received positive feedback. The story revolves around August and his landlady Mrs Agnes when her entire fortune disappears without a trace. His loyalty and affection for her leads him on an unexpected trip to Las Vegas Nevada where he soon discovers he’ll have to enter a world he thought he had left behind. It is brutal and honest, but most of all it is a story about those closest to you. In August’s world, that is Mrs Agnes and Victoria. I worked long and hard to finish this novel and I have to say that it was well worth the time and effort I put into it. I’m happy to have found a new editor who gets me and what I am trying to put down on paper and with that help I am happy to be doing what I love, making shit up:) I love Mr Savage and I can’t imagine not writing about him. As many know, my books are character driven. I want the reader to feel the characters and the story more so than the plot. Plots are important but in my style I want the plot to revolve around the character and not the other way around. It can be said that I don’t follow an outline and I certainly shy away from cookie-cutter type of writers. It is just my preference. My hope is to unite intriguing readers to unique characters and what makes them tick. Hopefully, you, the reader, will appreciate the characters and their flaws within their everyday lives. If anything I hope you, the reader, will find Mr Savage and his life interesting enough to take up space on your bookshelves.

Thank you!