Savage House – Novel Preview

Savage House – Novel Preview, Chapter 5


 It was dark by the time I was tying down the sails, when I heard her familiar voice from somewhere behind me.

“August! Welcome back.”

I lied, “Thanks. Just got in about an hour ago.”

“How was your trip?’


“Did you get my note?”

“Yes, thank you,” I said “Having fun with your grandson?”

“Yes. He’s got so much going on in his life. Starting a new company after graduating college and wants me to invest in it. I think it’ s a swell investment,” she said in a simulated make-believe way.

I knew she was lying to herself. I could hear she had doubts, as I did. Only she wasn’t the least bit aware of what Vic and I had discovered. Feeling terribly concerned about her wellbeing, I finished what I was doing, turned, and leaned against the boom and looked at her. Her platinum hair was teased perfectly around her head. Her red lipstick and gleaming white teeth were shining through the dusk smiling at me. She looked tired, both mentally and physically. I had a sick feeling about her $500,000, and I wasn’t about to let anyone steal from her. I listened as she continued.

“We’ve been busy the past week, shopping and researching, banks and the like. Jeff’s been telling me about his new friends and business. He’ll be leaving tomorrow, back home to Ohio.”

“Sounds interesting. What kind of business?”

“Manufacturing, Just like Bill and I had done. He wants to do his own thing rather than go through our company. I told him I still had clout with the board and my oldest son, but he refuses any help. He wants to be independent and build from the ground up. I have to admire that.”

“Sounds motivated.”

“He’s family; he’ll fit right in.”


“I’m making some dinner. Are you almost finished?”

“Sure am.”

“Great! Come say ‘hi’ when you’re ready.”

“A quick shower, clean clothes, and I’ll see you there. Manhattan?”


I couldn’t help but think how pathetic her grandson sounded. Already I was annoyed with the kid. I saw the light in his room come on as she disappeared inside the big house. I wondered how long until he discovered his treasures had vanished.

I could care less.

I went inside to get cleaned up for dinner.