Savage Tango – Novel Preview

Now Available: Savage Tango

I awoke to pure and utter silence. A subtle breeze made its way through the walls. Red embers gleamed in the fire place. Baby blue sky and rising sun. I heaved myself from the warm grasp of my sleeping bag, placed a couple more logs into the smoldering fire, found my small travel case and made my way to the well for fresh water.

I rinsed my face, brushed my teeth and freshened up and soon I had coffee brewing over the fire. I placed the remainder of the bread close enough to the fire to warm it and went back to the well where I removed my socks, cleaned my feet, toweled them off, and put on a fresh pair of socks and shoes. Inside I found the bread nice and toasty, coffee ready and hot. All in all it wasn’t a bad breakfast. I was relieved to avoid another MRE. I finished my bread and sat on the steps looking out in the direction I would travel in. Wondering how an impatient Mantanza was coping with impending doom.

After cleaning up, gathering up my choice tools for the day, I placed everything else in the cave, and filled my canteen and camel pack with water. Next I spent twenty minutes stretching, hamstrings, adductors, groin, and low back. Sit-ups, pushups, and pull-ups, before my morning commute. Finally, I slipped into my shoulder harness, placed my .45 Berreta safely inside and shoved the suppressor into my right side cargo pants pocket. I reattached the camel pack to the back pack and dropped the canteen inside along with my toys for the day and some MREs. I made sure my combat knife was secure to my left shoulder strap. With most everything in the cave it was a reasonably light load. With my camo-boonie hat and sunglasses, I set myself a good pace and I was off.

Argentina has beautiful country. Long swooping valleys and tall grandiose white capped mountains. Spots of thick forest along the way. It was evident there were once fields of plenty and now, only the wind walked with me.